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27 Feb


Assalamu’alaikum wr. wb.

Every Year SMP Islam AL Falaah Has Program “ English Camp”  For Grade VIII  and this year is the second Year Our English Camp Program. The aim of English Camp is not only to practice English, but Also to actively improve the students skills throughout  each day in the presence of Native English Speakers.

English Camp Program consist of 2 day  and 1 night at Wisma Abdi Puncak  with Native English Speaker Mr. Jams and Mr. Mike actively works with the children indoors and outdoors areas. English Camp Focuses mainly on improving the students conversation skills, Their active perception of the language and pronunciation.

The goal is not just to understand a foreign Language, but also to be able to spontaneously react and speak. Grammar is practiced in a fun way that complements the main aim in this camp. In English Camp The students Enjoy time with Their Native speakers throughout  the whole day,participating in fun activities, There’s a lot activities in English Camp Such as challenge to make something that hold egg not fall from the height, Cooking Presentation , Cricket , Bowls , Swimming ,  watching Movie  and etc. So They are Speaking English all day Long .

Learning English is Fun  See you on English Camp 2020 this will be your  chance to have a fun adventure while enhancing your English skill with foreigners.

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